Annulatascales » Annulatascaceae » Annulatascus

Annulatascus velatisporus

Annulatascus velatisporus K.D. Hyde

Index Fungorum number: 804603


Sexual morph: Ascomata up to 450 µm high, 410 µm diam., globose or subglobose, immersed or semi-immersed, occasionally superficial, carbonaceous, solitary or mostly gregarious, ostiole central or lateral, beaked, black, beak up to 384 µm long, 140 µm diam., periphysate. Peridium 38–60 µm thick, composed of large brown melanised angular cells with large lumina towards the outside and lighter thin-walled elongate cells towards the centre. Paraphyses wide, septate, tapering, numerous, longer than asci and occurring between asci and extending into the lower neck.  Asci 220–290 ´ 12–18 µm, 8-spored, cylindrical, thin-walled, peduncle tapering, with a large elongate non amyloid apical apparatus (7–8 µm long ´ 4–5 µm wide), developing from the base of the ascoma. Ascospores 26–42 ´ 9–12 µm, unicellular, up to 3 septate in some mature specimens, fusiform, hyaline, uni-seriate, verruculose, surrounded by a thin irregular sheath. Asexual morph: Undetermined


Specimen examined: AUSTRALIA, Queensland, on submerged wood (Hyde 1992a, Dayarathne et al. 2016); Brunei, Temburong, Kuala Belalong Field Studies Centre, Sungai Anak, on submerged wood, CHINA, Hong Kong, New Territories, Tai Po Kau Country Park, on twigs submerged in a stream; PHILIPPINES, Mindanao, Bukidnon, Impalutao, Natigbasan Creek, on submerged wood (Wong et al. 1999a); JAPAN, Koito River, on submerged wood (Tsui et al.2001a); INDIA, Western Ghats, Kali River, submerged woody litter (Sudheep and Sridhar2011); MALAYSIA, Lipur Lentang Nature Reserve, on submerged wood in a stream (Ho et al.2001); SOUTH AFRICA, Durban, Palmiet River, on submerged wood (Hyde et al. 1998b); THAILAND, Chiang Mai Province, on submerged wood (Hu et al.2012b).