Annulatascales » Annulatascaceae » Annulusmagnus

Annulusmagnus triseptatus

Annulusmagnus triseptatus Wong et al.

Index Fungorum number: 488707          


Specimen examined: AUSTRALIA, Koah, Clohiesy River, on submerged wood (Campbell and Shearer2004); BRUNEI, Temburong, Kuala Belalong Field Studies Centre, Sungai Anak, on submerged wood (Wong et al.1999a); CANADA, Ontario and Manitoba, on submerged wood; USA, on submerged wood; VENEZUELA, on submerged wood (Campbell and Shearer 2004).


Fig. Annulusmagnus triseptatus. No. 3. Longitudinal section through ascoma. No. 4. Ascus apical ring illustrating flange (arrowed) midway along the ring. No. 5. Ascus apical ring mounted in glycerin. No. 6, 7. Ascospores mounted in glycerine. No. 8. Deciduous ascus (note free base). No. 9. Ascus illustrating dissolution of lower part of ascus (arrowed). Scale bars No. 4-9 = 10 µm, No. 3 = 50 µm. (photo grabbed from Campbell and Shearer 2004)


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