Annulatascales » Annulatascaceae


Longicollum Zelski et al.

Index Fungorum number: IF 563241


Sexual morph:  Ascomata scattered, immersed in the substrate, with long prominent hyaline, erumpent necks. Venter membranous, subglobose, light-brown. Necks hyaline, long, cylindrical, periphysate. Peridium membranous, pseudoparenchymatous in surface view, in longitudinal section composed of 4–5 cell layers of brown cells towards the outside, and laterally compressed hyaline cells towards the inside. Paraphyses hyaline, septate, broad at the base, slightly tapering towards the apex. Asci unitunicate, cylindrical, persistent, with a large bi-partite apical ring, tapering towards the base; base bearing a narrow tapering pedicel; with 8, overlapping uni-seriate ascospores. Ascospores broadly ellipsoidal, hyaline, multi-guttulate, non-septate; with short, hyaline, bipolar, ephemeral, mucilaginous appendages. Asexual morph: Undetermined.


Notes: Zelski et al. (2011) introduced the genus Longicollum with single species L. bi appendiculatum, which was collected from both lentic and lotic freshwater habitats in America.


Type species: Longicollum biappendiculatum Zelski et al., Mycosphere 2(5): 540 (2011)


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