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Submersisphaeria aquatica

Submersisphaeria aquatica K.D. Hyde

Index Fungorum number: 415480                                                         


Sexual morph: Ascomata scattered or aggregated, immersed, partially immersed or superficial, black, ostiolate, with a short, central neck. Venter subglobose or globose, 300–520 ´ 240–530 µm. Peridium 31–43 µm thick, composed of 5 to 7 layers of rather large brown pseudoparenchymatic cells, 6–17 ´ 3–4 µm, outer cells darker, inner cells subhyaline, textura angularis in face view and median longitudinal section. Neck cylindrical, 210–1120 ´ 90–140 µm, tapering to 60–70 µm, black, lighter at the apex, periphysate. Paraphyses simple, septate, hyaline, 125–180 ´ 7–8 µm at base, tapering to 2 µm at the apex. Asci deciduous from the hymenial layer, cylindrical, with rounded or truncated apex, narrowing to an attenuated stipe, 160–245 ´ 8–12 µm, extending in water to 280 µm and rupturing near the midpoint of the ascus to release ascospores, with a prominent refractive apical ring, 4–6 ´ 5–6 µm, J2, staining light blue with a weak solution of aqueous cotton blue containing 2% lactic acid, with 8 uni-seriate or overlapping uni-seriate ascospores. Ascospores 18–26 ´ 7–9 µm, ellipsoidal to oval, brown, with a single septum at the midpoint or above, multi-guttulate, with very small, hyaline, cap-like appendages about, 2 µm wide. Asexual morph: Undetermined.

Specimen examined: AUSTRALIA, Queensland, on submerged wood (Hyde1996); FRANCE, Nie `vre: Arleuf, Pre´perny, on submerged wood of Pseudotsuga menziesii (Fournier et al. 2016); USA, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Tennessee, Wisconsin, on submerged wood (Campbell et al.2003a).



Fig.1. Submersisphaeria aquatica. No. 12. Longitudinal sections of ascomata. No. 13. Longitudinal section through a neck showing periphyses. No. 14. Longitudinal section through the peridium. No. 15. Tissue of peridium in face view, textura angularis. No. 16. Paraphyses. Scale bars: 12-16 = 10 µm. (photo grabbed from Campbell et al. 2003)


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