Atractosporales » Atractosporaceae


Atractospora Réblová & J. Fourn., Mycol Prog 15: 8 (2016)


Type species: Atractospora reticulata Réblová & J. Fourn.Etymology: Átraktos (Gk), meaning spindle, referring to the fusiform, spindle-shaped ascospores.


Sexual morph: Ascomata perithecial, non-stromatic, immersed to semi-immersed, subglobose to conical with a lateral neck, dark brown, lying horizontally on the host. Ostiole periphysate. Ascomatal wall leathery to fragile, two-layered. Paraphyses abundant, persistent, septate. Asci unitunicate, stipitate, eight-spored, apex with a non-amyloid apical annulus. Ascospores fusiform, hyaline, non-septate or transversely septate, thick-walled, smooth or ornamented, without sheath or appendages.

Asexual morph unknown.


Type species: Atractospora reticulata Réblová & J. Fourn., Mycol Prog 15(21): 10 (2016)


Notes: The genus Atractospora was described for perithecial ascomycetes occurring on decaying wood submerged in freshwater habitats (Réblová et al. 2016a). Five species are accepted in this genus, of which Atractospora ellipsoidea and A. thailandensis are reported from Asia and USA (Ho et al. 1999; Campbell and Shearer 2004), while other three species were collected from Europe (Réblová et al. 2016b).



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