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Alascospora Raja, Violi & Shearer

Index Fungorum number: IF 514031


Saprobic on submerged, decomposed petioles. Sexual morph: Ascomata scattered, partly immersed to superficial, uniloculate, globose, subglobose or hemispherical and flattened at the base, translucent to light brown when young, darkening with age, membranous, ostiolate. Peridium composed of hyaline to brown pseudoparenchymatic cells, dark amorphous material irregularly arranged on the surface. Pseudoparaphyses sparse, cellular, broadly filamentous, sometimes irregular, hyaline, septate. Asci 8-spored, bitunicate, fissitunicate, globose to subglobose, thick-walled, short pedicellate. Ascospores overlapping irregularly arranged, ellipsoidal, straight, hyaline when young, brown at maturity, 1-septate, septum becoming thicker and darker in older ascospores, asymmetrical, upper cell longer and wider than lower cell, with a gelatinous sheath; sheath often condenses on ascospores to give a verruculose appearance. Asexual morph: Undetermined. (Description from Dong et al. 2020)


Type species: Alascospora evergladensis Raja, Violi & Shearer


Notes: Alascospora evergladensis was isolated from submerged, decomposed petioles of Nymphaea odorata in Florida, USA (Raja et al. 2010). A gelatinous wing-like sheath surrounds the ascospores in A. evergladensis (Raja et al. 2010). Alascospora shares similar morphological characters with Minutisphaera, such as subglobose, thick-walled asci and 1-septate, brown ascospores (Raja et al. 2010, 2015; Ferrer et al. 2011). The sequence data of A. evergladensis are unavailable and the relationship between Alascospora and Minutisphaera is pending molecular data. The holotype of the type species A. evergladensis was examined and described by Pem et al. (2019). They placed Alascospora in Dothideomycetes genera incertae sedis based on morphology and this was accepted by Wijayawardene et al. (2020). We follow this placement and illustrate the holotype specimen of A. evergladensis in this study. (Notes from Dong et al. 2020)


List of freshwater Alascospora species

Alascospora evergladensis Raja, Violi & Shearer, Mycologia 102(1): 36 (2010)

Freshwater distribution: USA (Raja et al. 2010)



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