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Phruensis brunneispora

Phruensis brunneispora Pinruan

Entymology: From brunneispora, in reference to the brown versicolorous ascospores.

Holotype: THAILAND. NARATHIWAT: Sirindhorn Peat Swamp Forest, on dead trunk of Licuala longecalycata, 12 May 2001, U. Pinruan (Wah 113.1) in BIOTEC Bangkok Herbarium (BBH). Culture of type isolate: BCC 11169.


Sexual morph: Ascomata 950–980 µm high, 1.6–1.7 µm diam, deeply immersed, subglobose, black, coriaceous, ostiolate, scattered. Neck up to 7.5 µm long, 0.5 µm diam., central, cylindrical, black, orange at apex. Peridium up to 250 µm thick, comprising 2 layers, outer layer (40–45 µm) parenchymatous, intensely brown and merging with the host cells, inner layer, cells elongate and hyaline (25–30 µm). Paraphyses up to 11.2–15 µm wide at the base, hypha-like, tapering distally, not embedded in a gelatinous matrix. Asci 260–275 x 45–50 µm (x = 265 x 48 µm, n = 25), 8-spored, cylindro-clavate to fusiform, unitunicate, apedicellate, apically rounded, with a refractive, J-, cuboid  subapical ring, 5–6.2 µm high, 3.7–4.2 µm diam, with a faint channel leading to the apex. Ascospores 115–120 x 7.5–8.7 µm (x = 116.5 x 7.8 µm, n = 25), 4-seriate to fasciculate, cylindrical, straight or curved, versicolored, brown with hyaline to pale brown end cells, 9–11-septate, smooth-walled, with minute ephemeral mucilaginous material at the ends. Asexual morph: Phialophora-like anamorph: Colonies (BCC 11169) on PDA reaching 2 cm diam in 7 d at room temperature (22–24 OC), effuse, brown mycelium party immersed, nonstromatic. Conidiophores up to 5 µm wide at the base, semimacronematous, mononematous, branched, straight or slightly flexuous, pale brown to brown, smooth. Conidiogenous cells monophialidic, determinate, with small collarettes. Conidia 11.5–14 x 1.5 µm (x = 12 x 1.5 µm, n = 25), aggregated in slimy heads, semi-endogenous, straight or curved, oblong, colorless, smooth, 0-septate. Ascomata not formed in culture. (Description based on Pinruan et al. 2004).


Distribution: Thailand, Narathiwat Province, Sirindhorn peat swamp forest, on submerged palm in freshwater stream (Pinruan et al. 2004).


Notes: Holotype BBH, Pinruan Wah 113.1. SSU sequence data is available.



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