Diaporthomycetidae families incertae sedis » Conlariaceae


Conlarium sp F. Liu & L. Cai, Mycologia 104(5): 1180 (2012)

Index Fungorum number: IF564382

Sexual morph: Ascomata perithecioid, superficial, or partially immersed, dark brown to black, gregarious, smooth, globose to subglobose; neck elongated, cylindrical, straight or slightly curved. Paraphyses hyaline, branched, septate, not embedded in a matrix. Asci eight-spored, unitunicate, short pedicellate, cylindrical, with bipartite apical ring. Ascospores biseriate, fusiform, straight or slightly curved, aseptate to multiseptate, hyaline, guttulate, with or without appendages at one or each end of the ascospores. ASexual morph:

Notes: Conlarium was established by Liu et al. (2012) for the holomorph species C. duplumascosporum based on its distinct lineage among related taxa. Conlarium aquaticum and C. dupliciascosporum were found from submerged wood in freshwater, C. thailandense was from dead wood in a terrestrial habitat, C. baiseense, C. nanningense and C. sacchari were from 537 sugarcane rhizosphere (Liu et al. 2012, Zhang et al. 2017a, Phookamsak et al. 2019, Xie et al. 2019). In this entry we illustrate Conlarium aquaticum and C. duplumascospora.

Type species: Conlarium dupliciascosporum F. Liu & L. Cai


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