Diaporthomycetidae families incertae sedis » Trichosphaeriaceae


Unisetosphaeria Pinnoi et al.


Sexual morph: Ascomata immersed to superficial, scattered, pyriform, hyaline to light brown, dark brown near the apex, coriaceous, ostiolate, papillate. Papilla periphysate, surrounded by short dark hairs. Seta single, composed of several rows of brown cells, arising from the ostiolar region. Peridium composed of angular brown-walled cells. Paraphyses sparse, obscure, comprising short rows of ovoid to oblong cells. Asci 8-spored, unitunicate, clavate, short pedicellate, apically truncate, with a refractive, J-, apical ring. Ascospores 2-seriate, septate, hyaline. Asexual morph: Undetermined.

Type species: Unisetosphaeria penguinoides Pinnoi et al., Mycoscience 44(5): 378 (2003)

Notes: This monotypic genus was introduced by Pinnoi et al. (2003). Its taxonomic placement was between Chaetosphaeriaceae and Trichosphaeriaceae. However, Unisetosphaeria penguinoides has several incompatible characters of ascomata, paraphyses and asci which are against the Chaetosphaeriaceae. The characters of ascomata, peraphyses, asci and ascospores are more congruent for Trichosphaeriaceae (Pinnoi et al. 2003). Thus, it was suggested to assign this genus in Trichosphaeriaceae based on morphology. This suggestion was followed by Maharachchikumbura et al. (2015, 2016), Luo et al. (2019).



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