Dothideomycetes families incertae sedis » Argynnaceae » Lepidopterella

Lepidopterella palustris

Lepidopterella palustris Shearer & J.L. Crane

Index Fungorum number: IF 112730

Holotype: ILLS 38990


Sexual morph: Colonies on Emerson’s yeast extract, soluble starch agar black, effuse, appressed to floccose. Mycelium composed of branched, septate, dark brown, appressed hyphae and hyaline, thin walled, branched, septate, floccose hyphae. Ascocarps solitary, superficial to immersed, globose to subglobose, black, nonostiolate, 250–480 μm diam. Peridium pseudoparenchymatic, several layered, brown in transmitted light. Pseudoparaphyses septate, branched. Asci developing and maturing outward from the base of the perithecium, bitunicate, globose to subglobose, stalked, thick-walled, lacking a subapical chamber, 8-spored, 65–82–100 × 26–37.5–43 μm. Ectoascus rigid, rupturing by an apical slit. Ascospores papilionaceous, 2-celled, brown, smooth-walled, 15.6–18.822.8 μm long at septum, 25–28–30 μm maximum width. Asexual morph: undetermined. (Description from Shearer and Crane 1980)


Material examined: USA, Johnson County, III., Elvira Cress Swamp, a dried culture on alfalfa, isolated from an unidentified submerged twig, 3 Aug 1977, Shearer & Crane, CS-470, ILLS 38990; isotype: NY; Type Culture: ATCC 38017.


Notes: Lepidopterella palustris originally was described from a cypress swamp in southern Illinois (Shearer and Crane, 1980). Thus far this species has not been reported elsewhere from temperate and tropical regions worldwide. Shearer and Crane (1980) suggested that this fungus is probably a warm water species. (Notes from Raja and Shearer 2008)


Freshwater distribution: USA (Shearer and Crane 1980; Raja et al. 2009)




Fig. 1. Lepidopterella palustris (Material examined: USA, Illinois, Johnson County, Elvira Cypress Swamp, on submerged twig, 3 August 1977, J.L. Crane & J.D. Schoknecht, ILLS 42219, isotype). a Herbarium label. b Section of ascoma. c Pseudoparaphyses. d, e Asci. f, g Ascospores. Scale bars: b = 200 µm, c = 4 µm, d, e = 30 µm, f, g = 15 µm. (Dong et al. 2020)



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Shearer CA, Cr