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Monodictys fluctuata

Monodictys fluctuata (Tandon & Bilgrami) M.B. Ellis

Basionym: Acrospeira fluctuata Tandon & Bilgrami, Sci. Cult. 27: 408 (1961)

Index Fungorum number: IF 317849


Description from Ellis (1971), not from freshwater strain:


Sexual morhp: Udetermined. Asexual morph: Colonies effuse, velvety, pale to dark mouse grey. Conidia very variable in size and shape, many celled, often constricted at the septa, at first smooth, later verruculose, mid dark golden brown up to 40 µm diam.


For comprehensive description, see Yeh and Kirschner (2019)


Freshwater distribution: Thailand (Hu et al. 2010)



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Ellis, MB (1971) Dematiaceous hyphomycetes. X. Mycological Papers. 125:1-30

Hu DM, Cai L, Chen H, Bahkali AH, Hyde KD (2010) Fungal diversity on submerged wood in a tropical stream and an artificial lake. Biodivers Conserv 19:3799–3808.

Yeh YH, Kirschner R (2019) A new species of Alpestrisphaeria (Dothideomycetes) with monodictys-like anamorph and revision of three Monodictys species. Mycol Prog 18:703–711.


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