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Monodictys paradoxa

Monodictys paradoxa (Corda) S. Hughes

Basionym: Sporidesmium paradoxum Corda, Icon. fung. (Prague) 2: 6 (1838)

Index Fungorum number: IF 211086


Description: For complete description, see Hughes (1958) and Prasher and Verma (2016)


Freshwater distribution: Thailand (Hu et al. 2010)


Record #7872

Fig 1 Monodictys paradoxa (



Hu DM, Cai L, Chen H, Bahkali AH, Hyde KD (2010) Fungal diversity on submerged wood in a tropical stream and an artificial lake. Biodivers Conserv 19:3799–3808.

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Hughes SJ (1958) Revisiones Hyphomycetum aliquot cum appendice de nominibus rejiciendis. Can J Bot 36:727–836.


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