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Wettsteinina moniliformis

Wettsteinina moniliformis Van Ryck. & Aptroot

Index Fungorum number: IF 484563


Sexual morph: Ascomata 100–150 µm diam., 90–120 µm high, globose to ovoid, aggregated into linear rows, black, immersed in basal stroma; ostioles 35–40 µm high, and up to 60 µm wide, papillate, black. Stroma up to 350 µm thick and 2 cm long, lenticular, with longitudinal orientation on stems, black, with up to 7 rows of ascocarps aggregated. Peridium 20–25 µm, textura angularis-prismatica, with cells up to 5–10 µm diam. Hamathecium filaments numerous, 4–6 µm wide, septate at 6–10 µm intervals, moniliform, branching but not anastomosing, with some small guttules. Asci bitunicate, endotunicat remaining intact after initial rupturing of the exotunica, 61–66 × 13–16 µm, short-stipitate, numerous, broadly fusiform with 8 bi- to triseriate overlapping ascospores. Ascospores 19–23 × 7–9 µm, broadly fusiform with rounded ends, 1-septate, becoming 3-septate, constricted at the first septum, apical c e l l little enlarged, hyaline (later becoming brown), with many small guttules, smooth, when old verrucose; sheath uniform, indistinct, slightly constricted at the septum, narrow. (Van Ryckegem and Aptroot 2001). Asexual morph: Undetermined.


Material examined: DENMARK, East-Jylland, Hald Ege at Niels Bugges Kro South of Viborg, UTM coordinates: NH2149 or 0521 6249, 02/06/00, Van Ryckegem 561 (Holotype, GENT; isotype CBS).


Photographic plate: see Van Ryckegem and Aptroot (2001)


Freshwater distribution: Denmark (Van Ryckegem and Aptroot 2001)



Van Ryckegem G, Aptroot A (2001) A new Massarina and a new Wettsteinina (Ascomycota) from freshwater and tidal reeds. Nov Hedwigia 73:161–166.


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