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Wettsteinina niesslii

Wettsteinina niesslii E. Müll.

Index Fungorum number: IF 307823


Description: see Ingold (1955) observed from submerged, dead, but still attached stalks of Phragmites communis


Photographic plate: see Ingold (1955)


Freshwater distribution: England (Ingold 1955; Apinis et al. 1972; Taligoola et al. 1972), USA (Shearer 1972)



Apinis AE, Chester CGC, Taligoola HK (1972) Microfungi colonizing submerged standing culms of Phragmites communis Trin. Nov Hedwigia 23:473–480

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Taligoola TK, Apinis AE, Chesters CGC (1972) Microfungi colonizing collapsed aerial parts of Phragmites communis Trin. in water. Nov Hedwigia 23:465–472


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