Jahnulales K.L. Pang, Abdel-Wahab, El-Shar., E.B.G. Jones & Sivichai

Index Fungorum numberIF 90550


Jahnulales was erected by Pang et al. (2002) which comprises freshwater lignicolous ascomycetes (Huang et al.2018). This order is phylogenetically related to the Dothideales, Patellariales, and Pleosporales (Campbell et al.2007). Jahnulales species often occur on rotting or soft submerged corticated or decorticated wood (Inderbitzin et al.2001; Suetrong et al.2011; Tanaka et al.2015; Huang et al.2018). They produce ascomata with multilayered peridial walls, composed of large cells, stalked and/ or sessile bitunicate asci, and one-septate ascospores with appendages or gelatinous sheaths (Pang et al.2002; Suetrong et al. 2011; Jones et al. 2015). Two families, Aliquandostipitaceae and Manglicolaceae are currently accepted within this order (Jones et al.2015; Wijayawardene et al.2018).



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