Magnaporthales Thongk et al

Index Fungorum number: IF 512852

Maharachchikumbura et al. (2016) listed Magnaporthaceae, Ophioceraceae, and Pyriculariaceae in Magnaporthales based on the literature and phylogenetic analysis. Pseudohalonectriaceae was introduced as a novel family in Magnaporthales to accommodate Pseudohalonectria based on phylogenetic and molecular dating evidence (Hongsanan et al. 2017). The stem age of Pseudohalonectria falls within the range of family status (95 MYA) and has high support in the phylogenetic and MCC trees. Silva et al. (2019) introduced a new genus Bifusisporella, in Magnaporthaceae, to accommodate an endophytic fungus in Brazil. Hence, Magnaporthales comprises five families, Ceratosphaeriaceae, Magnaporthaceae, Ophioceraceae, Pseudohalonectriaceae, and Pyriculariaceae. The divergence time for Magnaporthales is estimated as 190 MYA. Currently there are 36 genera in this order.


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