Natipusillales Raja, Shearer, A.N. Mill. & K.D. Hyde

Index Fungorum number: IF 805300Facesoffungi number: FoF 08110.


Natipusillales was established to accommodate members of the freshwater ascomycetes belonging to Natipusillaceae based on LSU and SSU sequence data (Hyde et al. 2013). Phylogenetic analyses placed this order in Dothideomycetes (Hyde et al. 2013; Liu et al. 2017). Natipusillales was related to Zeloasperisporiales which is not freshwater fungi and has very different morphological characters (Hongsanan et al. 2015b). There is a single family with one genus accepted in this order. The divergence time for Natipusillales is estimated as 180 MYA (stem age, Hongsanan et al. 2020a). (Notes taken from Hongsanan et al. 2020b)


Accepted familiesNatipusillaceae



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