Natipusillales » Natipusillaceae » Natipusilla

Natipusilla bellaspora

Natipusilla bellaspora Raja, Shearer & A.N. Mill., Mycologia 104(2): 570 (2012)

Freshwater distribution: Peru (Raja et al. 2012; Shearer et al. 2015)



Raja HA, Miller AN, Shearer CA (2012) Freshwater ascomycetes: Natipusillaceae, a new family of tropical fungi, including Natipusilla bellaspora sp. nov. from the Peruvian Amazon. Mycologia 104:569–573

Shearer CA, Zelski SE, Raja HA, Schmit JP, Miller AN, Janovec JP (2015) Distributional patterns of freshwater ascomycetes communities along an Andes to Amazon elevational gradient in Peru. Biodivers Conserv 24:1877–1897


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