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Natipusilla limonensis

Natipusilla limonensis A. Ferrer, A.N. Mill. & Shearer, Mycologia 103(2): 417 (2011)

Freshwater distribution: Costa Rica (Ferrer et al. 2011), Peru (Shearer et al. 2015)



Ferrer A, Miller AN, Shearer CA (2011) Minutisphaera and Natipusilla: two new genera of freshwater Dothideomycetes. Mycologia 103:411–423

Shearer CA, Zelski SE, Raja HA, Schmit JP, Miller AN, Janovec JP (2015) Distributional patterns of freshwater ascomycetes communities along an Andes to Amazon elevational gradient in Peru. Biodivers Conserv 24:1877–1897


Fig. 1 Natipusilla limonensis (Material examined: PERU, Cusco, Camanti, Stream at Quince Mil Trail 1, on submerged wood, 26 May 2010, S. Zelski & H.A. Raja, PE0003). a Section of ascoma. b Globose to subglobose asci. c–f Ascospores. Arrows indicating complex gelatinous sheath. Scale bars: a = 50 µm, bf = 20 µm. (Dong et al. 2020)


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