Ophiostomatales Benny & Kimbr

Index Fungorum number: IF 90489

This order was introduced by Benny & Kimbrough (1980) for Ophiostomataceae, while Kathistaceae was added by Malloch & Blackwell (1990). In our phylogenetic analyses generated from LSU, ITS, tub2 and SSU sequence data Ophiostomataceae formed a monophyletic clade with Kathistaceae with high statistical support (99% ML, 0.99 PP). Nevertheless, based on phylogenetic analysis, Subbaromyces splendens (strain U63552), a species in Ophiostomataceae, grouped with Kathistaceae. However, the type genus Subbaromyces lacks sequence data and recollection and sequencing is needed to confirm its position. Ophiostomataceae comprises 13 genera of which sequence data is available for 11 genera (Wijayawardene et al. 2018). Kathistaceae comprises three genera and sequence data are available for only Kathistes (Wijayawardene et al. 2018). The divergence time for Ophiostomatales is estimated as 91 MYA. Currently there are two families and 16 genera in this order.


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