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Astrosphaeriella papuana

Astrosphaeriella papuana Aptroot, Nova Hedwigia 60(3–4): 333 (1995)


Sexual morph: Ascomata immersed, 500–1000 µm diam., conical. Ascospores 34–42 × 6–6.5 µm, fusiform, 1-septate, constricted at the septum, pale brown, with broad longitudinal striations. Asexual morph: Undertermined.


Freshwater distribution: Papua New Guinea (Hyde and Frohlich 1998), Philippines (Cai et al. 2003)



Aptroot A (1995). Redisposition of some species excluded from Didymosphaeria (Ascomycotina). Nova Hedwigia 60: 325-379.

Cai L, Zhang KQ, McKenzie EHC, Hyde KD (2003) Freshwater fungi from bamboo and wood submerged in the Liput River in the Philippines. Fungal Divers 13:1–12

Hyde KD, Frohlich J (1998) Fungi from palms XXXVII. the genus Astrosphaeriella, including ten new species. Sydowia 50:81–132


Table 1. Pictorial synopsis of Astrosphaeriella species. (Hyde and Frohlich 1998)


Figure 1. Ascospores of A. papuana (Aptroot 1995)



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