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Astrosphaeriella seychellensis

Astrosphaeriella seychellensis K.D. Hyde & Goh


Etymology: In reference to the country in which this taxon was collected.

Holotype: HKU(M) 3218


Sexual morph: Ascomata 200–300 µm diam. 120–150 µm high conical or hemispherical with a flattened base, black, carbonaceous, wall roughened, ostiolate. Peridium 16–40 µm wide, carbonaceous, with a wedge of angular cells at the inner periphery of the rim. Trabeculae up to 1 µm wide, in a gelatinous matrix. Asci 50–75 × 8–11 µm, 8-spored, cylindric-obclavate, bitunicate, pedicellate, with an ocular chamber and faint ring. Ascospores 16–22 × 4–4.5 µm, 2–3-seriate, ellipsoidal-fusiform, 1-septate, upper cell slightly wider, hyaline, smooth-walled, surrounded by a mucilaginous sheath, which appears as remnants in dried material. Asexual morph: Undetermined. (Description from Hyde and Goh 1998).



Hyde KD, Goh TK (1998) Fungi on submerged wood in the Riviere St Marie-Louis, The Seychelles. S Afr J Bot 64:330–336


Figures 1-8. Astrosphaerielfa seychellensis. 1. Superficial ascomata on wood surface, 2. Section of ascomata, 3, 4. Asci and trabeculae, 5-8. Ascospores. Scale bars: 1 = 100 µm. 2 = 50 µm, 3,4 = 10 µm, 5-8 = 5 µm. (Image from Hyde and Goh 1998).


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