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Pithomyces flavus

Pithomyces flavus Berk. & Broome

BasionymSphaeria vesuvius Berk. & Broome, J. Linn. Soc., Bot. 14(no. 74): 127 (1873) [1875]

SynonymyAstrosphaeriella vesuvius (Berk. & Broome) D. Hawksw. & Boise, Sydowia 38: 122 (1986) [1985]


Description from Pratibha and Prabhugaonkar (2015) on dry leaf sheaths of Calamus thwaitesii:


Sexual morph: Colonies on substrate in the form of ascomata arising in groups of singles, black, erumpent with broken plant parts protruding from sides about 1 mm high, conical, beaked, often intermixed with anamorphic colonies which are effuse, cottony with thick yellow mat of aerial mycelium. Ascomata unilocular, conical with thick peridium. Trabeculae 1–2 μm often branched. Asci with ocular chamber, 8 spored, cylindrical pedicillate, 100–150 × 8–13 μm. Ascospores fusiform, light brown, 3-septate, constricted at middle septa, 35–45 × 4–6.5 μm. Asexual morph: Conidiophores mononematous, micronematous, mostly intercalary, sometimes deticulate, aseptate. Conidiogenous cells mono or polyblastic, rhexolytic, light brown, smooth, with upto 3.3 μm broad conidial attachment. Conidia solitary, dry, dark brown to black, obovate to oblong, veruculose to spinolose, with 3–5 mostly 4 longitudinal dark septa, 24–38 × 14–24 μm.


Culture characteristics: Colonies on MEA dark brown with yellow slightly verruculose mycelia, attaining a diameter of upto 4 cm in 10 days.


Freshwater distribution: China (Cai et al. 2002; Hu et al. 2013)


Photographic illustration: refer to Pratibha and Prabhugaonkar (2015)


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