Pleosporales » Bambusicolaceae » Bambusicola

Bambusicola aquatica

Bambusicola aquatica W. Dong, H. Zhang & K.D. Hyde

Index Fungorum number: 557906


Saprobic on decaying bamboo submerged in freshwater. Sexual morph: Ascomata 180–210 μm high, 250–370 μm diam., black, gregarious, densely clustered in a large group, semi-immersed to superficial, conical or dome-shaped in section. Peridium comprising host and fungal tissues, laterally 85–95 μm thick, composed of dark brown to black, thick-walled cells of textura angularis intermingled with host cells, with thinner basal part 10–35 μm thick, composed of subhyaline, rim-like cells. Pseudoparaphyses 1.4–1.8 μm diam., numerous, trabeculate, filiform, hyaline, indistinctly septate. Asci 80–126.5(–202) × 7–9.5(–10.5) μm ( = 99.5 × 9 μm, n = 15), 8-spored, bitunicate, cylindrical, apically rounded, with a shallow chamber and a short, twisted or straight pedicel, easily and rapidly elongate when mounted in water, up to 202 μm long. Ascospores 18–22.5 × 4–5 μm (= 20.5 × 4.5 μm, n = 40), overlapping biseriate or partially uniseriate, narrowly fusiform, the upper cell slightly broader than the lower one, sharply narrowed towards to ends which are narrowly rounded, mostly slightly curved, rarely straight, hyaline, 1-septate, deeply constricted at the septum, slightly constricted at a quarter, guttulate, the guttula in upper cell larger than the lower cell, thin-walled, smooth, with a thin, hyaline, inconspicuous, mucilaginous sheath which is 2 μm thick when mounted in water, but 5–10 μm thick when mounted in Indian Ink. Asexual morph: Undetermined.


Specimen examined: CHINA (Dong et al. 2020)



Dong W, Wang B, Hyde KD, McKenzie EHC, Raja HA, Tanaka K, Abdel-Wahab MA, Abdel-Aziz FA, Doilom M, Phookamsak R, Hongsanan S, Wanasinghe DN, Yu X-D, Wang G-N, Yang H, Yang J, Thambugala KM, Tian Q, Luo Z-L, Yang J-B, Miller AN, Fournier J, Boonmee S, Hu D-M, Nalumpang S, Zhang H (2020) Freshwater Dothideomycetes. Fungal Divers 105:319–575


 Fig 1. Bambusicola aquatica (MFLU 18-1164, holotype). a, b. Appearance of black ascomata on host, c, d. Vertical sections of ascomata, e. Structure of peridium, f. Pseudoparaphyses, g–i. Bitunicate asci, j–l. Ascospores, m. Germinated ascospore, n. Colony on PDA (from front). Scale bars: c, d = 100 μm, e = 50 μm, f, j–m = 10 μm, g–i = 20 μm (Photo grabbed from Dong


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