Pleosporales » Delitschiaceae » Delitschia

Delitschia palmietensis

Delitschia palmietensis K.D. Hyde & Steinke


Index Fungorum number: IF 415479

Etymology: from the Palmiet River


Saprobic on submerged branch. Sexual morph: Ascomata 310–420 μm high, 310–430 μm in diam, irregularly subglobose, subglobose or oval, brown to black, immersed or semi-immersed, coriaceous, papillate. Papilla central, erumpent or partially embedded, covered in a light brown tomentum, periphysate. Peridium 20–30 μm wide, comprising several layers of hyaline angular cells, external layers of cells with brown walls. Pseudoparaphyses 2–3 μm in diam, hypha-like, filamentous, septate, numerous, highly branched and anastomosing above the asci. Asci 200–250 × 10–12 μm, 8-spored, cylindrical, fissitunicate, pedicellate, with an ocular chamber and faint ring. Ascospores 30–35 μm, overlapping uniseriate, fusiform, dark brown, 1-septate, strongly constricted at the septum, forming part-spores in some, surrounded by a thin mucilaginous sheath. Asexual morph: Undetermined.


Specimen examined: SOUTH AFRICA, Durban, Durban- Westville, Palmiet River, on submerged wood, Nov. 1994, K. D. Hyde and T. Steinke, SAPR 51, KDH 2222 (BRIP 23150, holotype); on same lignicolous sample as Aniptodera chesapeakensis Shearer & Miller and Annulatatus sp. (SAPR 53)



Hyde KD, Steinke TS. (1996) Two new species of Delitschia from submerged wood. Mycoscience. 37: 99-102.


Figs. 14-25. Defitschia palrnietensis. 14. Hairy papilla erumpent on wood, 15. Ascus, 16. Pseudoparaphyses in a gelatinous matrix, 17. Apical region of ascus with ocular chamber, 18-21. Ascospores. Note the full length germ slit (in 20), the mucilaginous sheath (in 18) and part spores (in 21). 22, 23. Section of ascomata, 24, 25. Peridia. Scale bars: 14 = 1 mm, 15–21, 24, 25 = 10 μm, 22, 23 = 100 μm (Photo grabbed from Hyde and Steinke 1996)


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