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Dictyocheirospora gigantica

Dictyocheirospora gigantica (Goh & K.D. Hyde) M.J. D’souza, Boonmee & K.D. Hyde


Index Fungorum number: 551588

Basionym: Dictyosporium giganticum Goh & K.D. Hyde, Fungal Diversity 2: 80 (1999)

Etymology: giganticum, referring to the conidia, which are the largest amongst those of other Dictyosporium species.


Colonies on natural substratum in the form of compact sporodochia. Conidiophores hyaline, thin-walled, short, irregularly branched, deteriorating at conidial maturity. Conidiogenous cells subspherical or doliiform, determinate, 5.5–7 µm wide. Conidia 105–121 × 25–32 µm, cylindric-clavate, smooth-walled, uniformly medium brown, not complanate, consisting of a subhyaline, cubical, truncate basal cell 5–7 µm diam., on which 7 discrete, vertical rows of cells are inserted in different planes. These rows of cells are tightly appressed together as a cylinder and separate only under presure. Each row of cells is 7–8 µm wide and terminates in an incurved hook. Conidial appendages absent. (Description from Goh et al. 1999)


Materials examined: SOUTH AFRICA, Durban, Palmiet River, on submerged wood, Nov. 1994, K.D. Hyde and T.D. Steinke SAPR 37 (HKU(M) 2184, holotype); ibid., (HKU(M) 2156); ibid., (HKU(M) 2200); THAILAND, Prachinburi Province, Khao Yai National Park, Km 29.2, on submerged test block of Anisoptera oblonga (Annonaceae), 28 Feb. 1997, Somsak Sivichai (SSO199).


Freshwater distribution: South Africa (Goh et al. 1999)



Goh TK, Hyde KD, Ho WH, Yanna (1999) A revision of the genus Dictyosporium, with descriptions of three new species. Fungal Divers 2:65–100

Boonmee, S., D’souza, M.J., Luo, Z. et al. Dictyosporiaceae fam. nov. Fungal Diversity 80, 457–482 (2016).


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Figs. 36-38. Conidia of Dictyosporium giganticum, from Thailand collection (SSO 180), stained with lactophenol-cotton blue. Scale bars: 34 = 20 µm, 35-38 = 10 µm. (Goh et al. 1999)


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