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Dictyosporium polystichum

Dictyosporium polystichum (Höhn.) Damon, Lloydia 15: 118 (1952)

Basionym: Speira polysticha Höhn., Sber. Akad. Wiss. Wien: 49 (1913)


Index Fungorum number: 296647


Description from Goh et al. (1999) observed from rotting stems of Senecio sp. (Asteraceae):


Sexual morph: Undetermined. Asexual morph: Colonies on natural substratum in the form of sporodochia. Conidia 26–34 × 23–34 µm, uniformly medium to dark brown, complanate, cheiroid, consisting of (5)79 rows of cells of similar length (each ca 20 µm long), often strongly constricted at the septa. The rows of cells arise at slightly different levels from one another and thus the conidium appears like a mosaic. Conidial appendages: absent.


Freshwater distribution: Yunnan, China (Luo et al. 2004)



Goh TK, Hyde KD, Ho WH, Yanna (1999) A revision of the genus Dictyosporium, with descriptions of three new species. Fungal Divers 2:65–100

Luo J, Yin J, Cai L, Zhang KQ, Hyde KD (2004) Freshwater fungi in Lake Dianchi, a heavily polluted lake in Yunnan, China. Fungal Divers 16:93–112


Figs. 51-56. Conidia of Dictyosporium polystichum, from holotype (H2462, FH). Scale bar = 10 µm.

Material examined: AUSTRIA, Strasser, Sonntagsberg, on rotting stems of Senecio sp. (Asteraceae), 1910, von Hohnel (H2462, holotype of Speira polysticha, deposited in FH).



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