Pleosporales » Dictyosporiaceae » Pseudodictyosporium

Pseudodictyosporium wauense

Pseudodictyosporium wauense Matsush.


Facesoffungi number: FoF03769


Saprobic on submerged decayed wood in aquatic habitats. Sexual morph: Undetermined. Asexual morph: Hyphomycetous. Conidiomata on natural substratum sporodochia, superficial, punctiform to effuse, scattered, sometimes coalescing, pale brown to dark brown, with or without a mucilage covering, rarely inconspicuous. Mycelium immersed, composed of septate, branched, subhyaline to pale brown, smooth-walled hyphae. Conidiophores micronematous, aseptate, simple, hyaline to pale brown, smooth. Conidiogenous cells integrated, holoblastic, terminal, determinate, doliiform to cylindrical. Conidia 19.5–22.5 μm long ( = 21 μm, SD = 1.5, n = 50), 12.5–15.5 μm wide, ( = 14 μm, SD = 1.5, n = 50), acrogenous, solitary, dry, cheiroid, very pale brown, smooth-walled, euseptate or distoseptate, consisting of a truncate basal cell on which three rows of cells arise parallelly and compactly with all 3 rows in different planes, with or without appendages.


Material examined: CHINA, Yunnan Province, Dali, saprobic on decaying wood submerged in a stream in Cangshan Mountain, June 2016, S.M. Tang, 3XP H 3–9–1, (DLU 0801), living culture DLUCC 0801.


Notes: Pseudodictyosporium wauense, the type species of Pseudodictyosporium, was introduced by Matsushima et al. (1971). In this study, an isolate was obtained from submerged decaying wood collected in Yunnan Province, China. Its morphological characters identify the taxon as Pseudodictyosporium wauense. Based on the phylogenetic study (Li et al. 2017), our strain clusters with two other isolates of P. wauense (NBRC 3007, KRP88–6) with good branch support (90% ML). Therefore, the identification of this isolate is confirmed based on both morphology and phylogeny. It is a new record for China.



Dong W, Wang B, Hyde KD, McKenzie EHC, Raja HA, Tanaka K, Abdel-Wahab MA, Abdel-Aziz FA, Doilom M, Phookamsak R, Hongsanan S, Wanasinghe DN, Yu X-D, Wang G-N, Yang H, Yang J, Thambugala KM, Tian Q, Luo Z-L, Yang J-B, Miller AN, Fournier J, Boonmee S, Hu D-M, Nalumpang S, Zhang H (2020) Freshwater Dothideomycetes. Fungal Divers 105:319–575

Li WL, Luo ZL, Liu JK, et al (2017) Lignicolous freshwater fungi from China I: Aquadictyospora lignicola gen. et sp. nov. and new record of Pseudodictyosporium wauense from northwestern Yunnan Province. Mycosphere 8:1587–1597.

Matsushima T (1971) Microfungi of the Solomon Islands and Papua-New Guinea. Mycologia 64:1–524

Fig 1. Pseudodictyosporium wauense a–b. Colonies on wood, c. Conidiogenous cells, d–h. Conidia, i. Germinating conidium, j–k. Colonies on PDA from surface and reverse. Scale bars: c–i =10 μm. (Li et al. 2017)


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