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Vikalpa lignicola

Vikalpa lignicola D’souza, Bhat, H.Y. Su & K.D. Hyde


Index Fungorum number: IF551586Facesoffungi number: FoF 01268

Etymology: ‘lignicola’ referring to the woody substrate.

Holotype: MFLU 15–1506


Saprobic on submerged decaying wood in a stream. Sexual morph: Undetermined. Asexual morph: Hyphomycetous. Conidiomata sporodochial, scattered, later coalescing, pale brown to dark brown, inconspicuous on substrate. Mycelium immersed in the substrate, composed of branched, septate, smooth, subhyaline to pale brown hyphae. Conidiophores micronematous, subhyaline, smooth-walled, aseptate, 4–5 μm wide. Conidiogenous cells holoblastic, terminal, determinate, doliiform, subhyaline to pale brown. Conidia 25–40.5 × 10–18 μm ( = 32.5 × 13 μm, n = 50), acrogenous, holoblastic, solitary, pale brown, smooth-walled, non-complanate, distoseptate, with three rows in different planes, rows arising from a basal cell, each arm composed of 8–10 cells, cells guttulate when young, non-guttulate at maturity.


Material examined: CHINA, Yunnan, Dali, Cangshan Mountain, Xue Shan Stream, on decaying wood submerged in the stream, 11 August 2014, Zonglong Luo, XS-69-2 (MFLU 15–1506, holotype).


NotesVikalpa lignicola resembles V. australiensisV. freycinetiae and V. micronesiaca in having 3 rows and non-complanate conidia (Matsushima 1981; Sutton 1985; McKenzie 2008). However, it differs from V. australiensis, which has mucilage covering the sporodochium (Sutton 1985). Vikalpa freycinatiae has an appendage on all 3 rows, while V. micronesiaca has euseptate conidia (Matsushima 1981). All species accepted in this genus have notable features, however, DNA sequence data is needed to establish their phylogenetic relationships.



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