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Lophiostoma maquilingense

Lophiostoma maquilingense K.D. Hyde and Aptroot

Index Fungorum number: IF 445043

Holotype: HKU (M) 2580

Etymology: Referring to the place of collection


Sexual morph: Ascomata immersed beneath a darkened. slightly raised, lenticular, pseudostroma, 350–560 µm high, 225–280 µm diam. on the host surface; in section ca 200–250 mm diam., ostiolate. Ostiole erumpent, slot-like. Asci 105–120 × 14–16 µm. Ascospores 30–38 × 5–6.5 µm, 2-3-seriate, fusiform, tapering towards the ends, hyaline, 1-septate, apical cell slightly wider than basal cell, constricted at the central septum, surrounded by a mucilaginous sheath, sheath extending and tapering beyond the ends. Asexual morph: Undetermined. (Description from Hyde and Aptroot 1998)


Material examined: PHILIPPINES, Luzon, Laguna, Los Baños, Mt Maquiling,on wood submerged in a small stream, Sep 1995, K.D. Hyde & T. Dalisay (1-IKU(M) 2580, holotype).


Notes: This species is similar to L. macrostomum (Tode: Fr.) Ces. & Dc Not., but the sheath surrounds the ascospores and is drawn out at the ends, unlike L. inacrostomum which has only two polar appendages (Holm & Holm 1988). (Notes from Hyde and Aptroot 1998)


Freshwater distribution: Philippines (Hyde and Aptroot 1998)


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Fig. 1. Lophiostoma maquilingense. 33. Ascomata on wood.34, 35. Asci. 36–39. Ascospores, with mucilaginous sheath and polar tapering appendages. Bars: 33 =1 µm, 34–39 = 10 µm. (Hyde and Aptroot 1998)



Hyde KD, Aptroot A (1998) Tropical freshwater species of the genera Massarina and Lophosioma (ascomycetes). Nova Hedwigia 66: 489502.


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