Pleosporales » Melanommataceae » Camposporium

Camposporium ontariense

Camposporium ontariense Matsush.

Index Fungorum number: IF 107784


Description from Whitton et al. (2012) on decaying leaves of Freycinetia arborea


Sexual morph: Undetermined. Asexual morph: Conidia 27-53 x 6.5-12 um, 5-9 septate, cylindrical to ellipsoidal, no appendages observed


Freshwater distribution: Hungary (Gönczöl and Révay (2004)


Figs. 40-47. Various conidia from rainwater. 40-41 Camposporium ontariense, conidia and conidiophores with conidia, 42. Pestalotiopsis guepinii, 43. Excipularia fusispora, 44. Bartalinia robillardoides, 45. Camposporium pellucidum, 46. Camposporium cambrense, 47. Camposporium japonicum. Scale bars: a =30 μm, b = 60 μm, Figs. 40, 42-44 with scale a and Figs. 41, 45-47 with scale b. (Gönczöl and Révay (2004)



Gonczol J, Revay A (2004) Fungal spores in rainwater: stemflow, throughfall and gutter conidial assemblages. Fungal Divers 16:67–86

Whitton SR, McKenzie EHC, Hyde KD (2012) Fungi associated with Pandanaceae. Springer Netherlands, London


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