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Camposporium quercicola

Camposporium quercicola Mercado, Heredia & J. Mena

Index Fungorum number: IF 412695

Holotype: XAL CB617


Description from Mercado Sierra et al. (1995) on fallen decaying leaves of Quercus germana:


Sexual morph: Undetermined. Asexual morph: Colonies effuse, grey, or olivaceous. Mycelium partly superficial, hyphae brown, smooth, 2-3 um thick. Conidiophores macronematous, straight, or flexuous, unbranched, smooth, pale brown, 15-60 x 3.5-4 um. Conidiogenous cells integrated, terminal, cylindrical or subulate, denticulate, 6-10 x 2-3.5 um. Conidia solitary, cylindrical, rounded at the apex, conico-truncate at the base, pale brown to olivaceous, the end cells paler than the others, smooth, 5-9 septate, 28-45 x 3.5-4.5 um, 1-3 non-septate setulae up to 30 um long.


Freshwater distribution: Philippines (Cai et al. 2003)



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Fig 1. Camposporium quercicola. Conidiophores, conidiogenous cells, and conidia with setula. (Mercado Sierra et al. 1995)



Cai L, Zhang K, McKenzie EHC, Hyde KD (2003) Freshwater fungi from bamboo and wood submerged in the Liput River in the Philippines. Fungal Divers 13:1–12

Mercado Sierra A, Heredia G, Mena-Portales J (1995) New species of dematiaceous hyphomycetes from Veracruz, Mexico. Mycotaxon 55:491–499


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