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Herpotrichia Fuckel

Index Fungorum number: IF 2307


Saprobic, parasitic or hyperparasitic in terrestrial or freshwater habitats. Sexual morph: Ascomata scattered to gregarious, immersed, erumpent to nearly superficial, subglobose to pyriform, dark brown to black, spreading on substrate as a subiculum, coriaceous, roughened, with ostiolate papilla. Peridium two-layered, outer layer composed of pigmented, thick-walled cells of textura angularis, inner layer composed of light pigmented, thin-walled cells of textura prismatica. Pseudoparaphyses dense, cellular, hypha-like, hyaline, septate, branched and anastomosing above asci, embedded in a gelatinous matrix. Asci 8-spored, bitunicate, fissitunicate, cylindrical to cylindro-clavate, with a furcate pedicel, apically rounded with an ocular chamber. Ascospores uni- to bi-seriate, fusoid, ellipsoidal or oblong, straight, hyaline to pale brown, 1-septate, thin-walled, smooth or verruculose (Tian et al. 2015). Asexual morph: Coelomycetous. pyrenochaeta- or pyrenochaeta-like. Pycnidia solitary or gregarious, superficial, globose to pyriform or hemispherical, with or without hairs, with ostiolate papilla, with a long or short neck. Peridium composed of cells of textura angularis. Conidiophores absent. Conidiogenous cells phialidic, simple, cylindrical, branched. Conidia globose to ovoid or cylindrical, straight or curved, hyaline, aseptate (Bose 1961; Sivanesan 1984; Tian et al. 2015).


Type species: Herpotrichia herpotrichoides (Fuckel) P.F. Cannon


Notes: The type species of Herpotrichia was not indicated when it was introduced (Fuckel 1868). Herpotrichia herpotrichoides was accepted as the type species (Cannon 1982; Wijayawardene et al. (2017). The holotype of H. rubi Fuckel (an earlier name of H. herpotrichoides) was examined by Tian et al. (2015) and characterized by ascomata spreading on substrate as a subiculum and with a black, roughened wall. Herpotrichia is polyphyletic (Tian et al. 2015). Herpotrichia dalisayi K.D. Hyde & Aptroot is the only freshwater species in the genus (Hyde and Aptroot 1998). Herpotrichia dalisayi is characterized by superficial or partially immersed ascomata with a tangle of dark brown subiculum and 1–5-septate ascospores, which are characteristics of Herpotrichia (Hyde and Aptroot 1998). However, the phylogenetic placement of H. dalisayi in Herpotrichia is pending confirmation with molecular data. Herpotrichia dalisayi has larger ascospores (53–60 × 16–18 μm) than other Herpotrichia species (Barr 1984; Hyde and Aptroot 1998).


List of freshwater Herpotrichia species

Herpotrichia dalisayi K.D. Hyde & Aptroot, Nova Hedwigia 66(1-2): 249 (1998)

Freshwater distribution: Philippines (Hyde and Aptroot 1998)



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