Pleosporales » Melanommataceae » Melanomma

Melanomma australiense

Melanomma australiense K.D. Hyde & Goh

Index Fungorum number: IF 460354


Freshwater distribution: Australia (Hyde and Goh 1999; Vijaykrishna and Hyde 2006)


Fig. 77

Fig 1. Melanomma australiense (redrawn from (Hyde and Goh 1999), HKU(M) 403, holotype). a Section of ascoma. b Bitunicate ascus. c, d Ascospores. e Pseudoparaphyses. Scale bars: a, b = 50 μm, c, d = 20 μm, e = 10 μm (Dong et al. 2020)



Hyde KD, Goh TK (1999b) Tropical Australian Freshwater Fungi. XVI. Some new melanommataceous fungi from woody substrata and a key to genera of lignicolous loculoascomycetes in freshwater. Nova Hedwigia 68:251–272

Vijaykrishna D, Hyde KD (2006) Inter- and intra stream variation of lignicolous freshwater fungi in tropical Australia. Fungal Divers 21:203–224


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