Pleosporales » Pleomassariaceae » Splanchnonema

Splanchnonema britzelmayrianum

Splanchnonema britzelmayrianum (Rehm) Boise [as ‘britzelmayriana’]

Index Fungorum number: IF 105789

Isotype: Rehm, Ascom. 588 (NY!)


Sexual morph: Ascomata immersed to erumpent, 0.4mm diam, sphaeroid with short papillae. Pseudoparaphyses cellular, 2–3 μm wide. Asci cylindric-clavate, up to 160 × 30 μm. Ascospores obovoid, up to 7–8-septate, brown, minutely punctate, (27–)36–56 × 10–14 μm. Asexual morph: Undetermined. (Description form Boise 1985)


Notes: see Boise (1985).


Freshwater distribution: Hungary (Révay and Gönczöl 1990)



Fig. 1. Ascospores of Splanchnonema britzelmayrianum. (Boise 1985)



Boise J (1985) New combinations in the Pleomassariaceae and the Massarinaceae. Mycotaxon 22:477–482

Révay A, Gönczöl J (1990) Longitudinal distribution and colonization patterns of wood-inhabiting fungi in a mountain stream in Hungary. Nova Hedwigia 51:505–520


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