Pleosporales » Pleosporales genera incertae sedis » Ascorhombispora

Ascorhombispora aquatica

Ascorhombispora aquatica L. Cai & K.D. Hyde

Index Fungorum number: IF 528970

Etymology: ‘aquatica’ in relation to the habitat of this species.

Holotype: HKU(M) 10859


Saprobic on submerged bamboo culms. Sexual morph: Ascomata 150–185 µm diam, 140–170 µm high, perithecioid, superficial, globose to subglobose, coriaceous, dark brown to black, ostiolate, solitary or gregarious, short papillate. Ostioles round, small, non-protruding. Peridium relatively thin, 10–18 µm wide, textura angularis in longitudinal section, composed of 2 layers of angular cells, outer later dark brown to black, relatively thick walled, inner layer hyaline, relatively thin-walled. Interascal filaments not observed. Asci 100–198 × 72–102 µm ( = 186 × 88 µm, n = 15), 8-spored, obpyriform, broadly clavate to saccate, pedicellate, bitunicate, apex rounded, deliquescent. Ascospores 30.5–45 × 16–26.5 µm ( = 38.5 × 21 µm, n = 25), overlapping 2–3-seriate, broadly fusiform to rhombic, thick-walled, surrounded by gelatinous mucilaginous sheath, 3-euseptate, not constricted at septa, median septum wide, forming a darker band, central cells large, trapezoid, 11–18 µm long, dark brown to black, verruculose, polar end cells small, hemispherical, 3.5–4 µm long, subhyaline to light brown, smooth. Asexual morph: Undetermined. (Descriptions from Cai & Hyde 2020)


Material examined: CHINA, Yunnan, Jinghong, on submerged bamboo in a small forest stream, 26 January 2003, L. Cai, CAI-1H31 (HKU(M) 10859).


Freshwater distribution: China (Cai and Hyde 2007)