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Rebentischia unicaudata

Rebentischia unicaudata (Berk. & Broome) Sacc.

Index Fungorum number: IF 240185


Description from Barr 1980 on suffrutescent stems and branches of shrubs and vines:


Sexual morph: Ascomata globose, depressed or ovoid, often remaining partially immersed, (100–)220–330(–440) μm diam, black under low magnification; peridium soft, composed of few or several layers of pseudoparenchymatous cells, (10–)20–30 μm wide; surface roughened by protruding cells or smooth, vinaceous brown pigment encrusted on outer layers of cells. Asci (40–)60–100 × (10–)12–15(–18) μm, clavate; pseudoparaphyses narrow cellular, 1.5–2 μm wide. Ascospores 17–25(–30) × 4–6(–7.5) μm, at maturity 4-septate in narrowly obovoid main body, hyaline basal cell and setiform base 4–15 μm long, cell 4 μm wide, tapered to 1–1.5 μm wide, apical cell hyaline, mid cells light vinaceous brown, contents multi-guttulate young, one or two globules per cell at maturity, wall smooth. Asexual morph: Undetermined.


Material examined: EUROPE: AUSTRIA: Clematis, Weese, Eumycetes sel. exs. 542 (BPI); Krypt. exs. 1921 (BPI, NY); Graz, leg. G. de Niessl (BPI); Rehm Ascomyceten 241b (FH); Berberis sp., Herb. F. v. Höhnel, Tumpen, Ô'tzthal, Tirol (FH). FINLAND: Ribes alpinum L., Barr 5675 (MASS). FRANCE: Clematis, Roumeguere, Fungi sel. exs. 4857 (NY); Sambucus nigra L., Roumeguere, Fungi sel. exs. 6186 (NY). HUNGARY: Clematis, Rehm Ascomyceten 241 (NY). SWITZERLAND: Clematis vitalba L., Kt. Wallis, St. Gingolph, 7 May 1962, leg. E. Müller (BPI); "15", Frauenfeld (NY). YUGOSLAVIA: Clematis, Fungi montenegrini, St. Monasserium, Pira, 24 Aug 1904, leg. F. Bubak (BPI). NORTH AMERICA: USA: Massachusetts: Rubus sp., Barr 6224 (MASS).


Freshwater Distribution: USA (Shearer and Crane 1986)



Barr ME (1980) On the family Tubeufiaceae (Pleosporales). Mycotaxon 12:137–167

Shearer CA, Crane JL (1986) Illinois fungi. XII. Fungi and Myxomycetes from wood and leaves submerged in southern Illinois swamps. Mycotaxon 25:527–538


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