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Roussoella minutella

Roussoella minutella (Penz. & Sacc.) Aptroot

Index Fungorum number: IF414109,

Basionym: Didymosphaeria minutella Penz. & Sacc., Malpighia 11(9-10): 396 (1897)


Description from Aptroot (1995) observed from bamboo and palms: Ascospores (8-12 x 3-5 µm) with a striate ornamentation which is often only visible with interference contrast in light microscopy and simple to aggregated, superficial to immersed ascocarps.


Freshwater distribution: Philippines (Cai et al. 2003)


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Fig. 1. Ascospores of Roussoella minutella



Aptroot Á (1995) Redisposition of some species excluded from Didymosphaeria (Ascomycotina). Nov Hedwigia1 60:325–379

Cai L, Zhang KQ, McKenzie EHC, Hyde KD (2003a) Freshwater fungi from bamboo and wood submerged in the Liput River in the Philippines. Fungal Divers 13:1–12


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