Pleosporales » Tetraplosphaeriaceae » Tetraploa

Tetraploa ellisii

Tetraploa ellisii Cooke

Index Fungorum number: IF 148209


Description from old stalks of Zea mays (Ellis 1949):

Asexual morph: Mycelium superficial, composed of hyaline to pale brown, branched septate hyphae, 2.5-4 μm diam., with verruculose walls.


Freshwater distribution: Peru (Schoenlein-Crusius and Grandi 2003)


Fig. 1. Tetraploa ellisii, mature spores (Ellis 1949)



Ellis MB (1949) Tetraploa. Trans Br Mycol Soc 32:246–251.

Schoenlein-Crusius IH, Grandi RAP (2003) The diversity of aquatic Hyphomycetes in South America. Brazilian J Microbiol 34:183–193.


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