Pleosporales » Torulaceae » Neotorula

Neotorula aquatica

Neotorula aquatica Z.L. Luo & K.D. Hyde

Index Fungorum number: IF 551828Facesoffungi number: FoF 01749

Etymology: In reference to the aquatic habitat

Holotype: HKAS 84001


Colonies on the substratum superficial, effuse, gregarious, hairy, dark brown. Mycelium immersed, composed of septate, branched, thin-walled, smooth, pale brown hyphae. Conidiophores mononematous, macronematous, septate, erect, straight, or flexuous, smooth, dark brown, paler towards the apex, cylindrical, 3–6-septate, 35–47 μm (=41 μm, SD = 6, n = 10) long, 6–7 μm ( = 6.5 μm, SD = 0.5, n = 10) wide. Conidiogenous cells mono- to polytretic, integrated or discrete, terminal, pale brown, doliiform or lageniform. Conidia acrogenous, in short chains, dry, clavate to subcylindrical, rounded at the apex, 2–4-septate, dark bands at the septa, verruculose, pale green when young, brown when mature, 11–16 μm (=13.5 μm, SD = 2.5, n = 30) long, 5–6 μm ( = 5.5 μm, SD = 0.5, n = 30) wide, conidial secession schizolytic. (Descriptions from Su et al. 2016)


Material examined: CHINA, Yunnan Province, Dali, Cangshan Mountain, Lingquan stream, saprobic on submerged decaying wood, March 2014, Hong-Yan Su, S-087 (HKAS 84001, holotype), ex-type culture, MFLUCC 15–0342, KUMCC; ibid. (DLU-087, isotype).


Freshwater Distribution: China (Su et al. 2016)


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Fig 1. Neotorula aquatica (HKAS 84001, holotype) a. Branched chains of conidia. b. Conidiophores. c-f. Conidia. g. Germinating conidium. h, i. Cultures on MEA. Scale bars: a = 30 μm, b-d, g = 20 μm, e-f = 10 μm. (Su et al. 2016)



Su HY, Hyde KD, Maharachchikumbura SSN, Ariyawansa HA, Luo ZL, Promputtha I, Tian Q, Lin CG, Shang QJ, Zhao YC (2016) The families Distoseptisporaceae fam. nov., Kirschsteiniotheliaceae, Sporormiaceae and Torulaceae, with new species from freshwater in Yunnan Province. China. Fungal Divers 80:375–409


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