Sordariomycetes families incertae sedis

Sordariomycetes families incertae sedis


Wijayawardene et al. (2020) include the following in the Sordariomycetes families incertae sedis:

J.W. Xia & X.G. Zhang*
Acrodictys M.B. Ellis

Junewangiaceae J.W. Xia & X.G. Zhang*
Dictyosporella Abdel-Aziz
Junewangia W.A. Baker & Morgan-Jones

Lautosporaceae Kohlm., Volkm.-Kohlm. & O.E. Erikss
Lautospora K. D. Hyde & E.B.G. Jones

Obryzaceae Körb.



Wijayawardene NN, Hyde KD, Al-Ani LKT, Tedersoo L et al. (2020). Outline of Fungi and fungi-like taxa. Mycosphere 11(1).


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