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Chlamydotubeufia chlamydospora

Chlamydotubeufia chlamydospora (Shearer) Boonmee & K.D. Hyde

Basionym: Helicoma chlamydosporum Shearer, Mycologia 79(3): 468 (1987)

Index Fungorum: IF 563500


Saprobic on submerged twig, colonies sparse, diffuse, consisting of thin (2.4 μm wide), subhyaline hyphae which widen up to 14.4 μm and become dark brown and constricted at the septa at both ends of large, black, intercalary dictyochlamydospores. Helical conidia were not observed.


Colonies on cornmeal agar (Difco) and half strength Emerson's yeast, soluble starch agar (YPSS/2) with balsa wood, compact, pulvinate, pale yellow at first, becoming black and covered with a yellow powdery accumulation of conidia. Mycelium immersed and superficial, composed of branched, septate hyphae. Hyphae hyaline at first, 2–5 μm diam, becoming pale yellow, eventually turning dark brown. Cells of the hyphae in older portions of the colony becoming enlarged and rounded, dark reddish brown and surrounded by amorphous, somewhat granular, light brown deposits. Conidiophores micronematous to semi-macronematous. Conidia produced holoblastically on blunt-tipped denticles 1–2.5 × 1–1.3 μm. Denticles usually produced on lateral swellings of repent hyphae, occasionally directly on repent hyphae or on slightly swollen apices of short, lateral, 0-3-septate conidiophores, 4.5–13 × 2.4–4.8 μm; one to several denticles occurring on a single swelling or conidiophore. Conidia pale yellow, circinate, coiled 1¼ -1¾ times in a single plane, non-hygroscopic, 2–6-septate, slightly constricted at septa, 14.4–15.8–17.8 μm diam; conidial filament 4–4.8–6 μm wide. Chlamydospores intercalary, developing by cell division and enlargement, dictyosporous, constricted at the septa, light brown at first, becoming black, 53–76.8-94 × 32–43.2–50.4 μm; outer

wall of surface cells protuberant. (Shearer 1987)


Photographic illustration: see Shearer (1987)


Freshwater distribution: Panama (Shearer 1987)



Boonmee S, Zhang Y, Chomnunti P, Chukeatirote E, Tsui CKM, Bahkali AH, Hyde KD (2011) Revision of lignicolous Tubeufiaceae based on morphological reexamination and phylogenetic analysis. Fungal Divers 51:63–102.

Shearer CA (1987) Helicoma chlamydosporum, a new hyphomycete from submerged wood in Panama. Mycologia 79:468–472.


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