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Tubeufia mackenziei

Tubeufia mackenziei Y.Z. Lu, Boonmee & K.D. Hyde

Index Fungorum number: IF 818988; Facesoffungi number: FoF 02693

Etymology: Named in honour of Professor Eric H. C. McKenzie for his outstanding contributions to mycology.

Holotype: MFLU 16-2661


Saprobic on decaying wood in a stream. Mycelium partly immersed, partly superficial, pale brown, septate, with sparsely branched hyphae, with masses of crowded conidia. Sexual morph: Undetermined. Asexual morph: Conidiophores 60–102.5 μm long, 4.5–6 μm wide, pale brown, macronematous, erect, short, smooth-walled. Conidiogenous cells monoblastic, holoblastic, integrated, denticulate. Conidia 26.5–32.5 μm diam. and conidial filament 4.5–6.5 μm wide ( = 28.5 × 5.5 μm, n = 20) with (99–) 116–141 μm long, tightly coiled 2.5–3.5 times, rounded at apical end, multi-septate, up to 23–septate, slightly constricted at septa, hyaline, smooth-walled.


Culture characteristics: Conidia germinating on water agar (WA) within 12 h. Colonies growing slowly on malt extract agar (MEA), irregular, surface rough, edge undulate, reaching 11 mm in 2 weeks at 28 °C, brown to dark brown in MEA medium. Mycelium superficial and partially immersed, branched, septate, hyaline to pale brown, smooth-walled.


Material examined: THAILAND, Krabi, Muang, Nongtalay, Khao Hang Nak, on decaying wood in a freshwater stream, 16 December 2015, Saranyaphat Boonmee, HN05-1 (MFLU 16-2661, holotype; GZAAS 16-0143, isotype); ex-type living culture, MFLUCC 16-0222 = GZCC 16-0106.


Photographic plate: See Lu et al. (2017)


Freshwater distribution: Thailand (Lu et al. 2017a)



Lu YZ, Boonmee S, Dai DQ, Liu JK, Hyde KD, Bhat DJ, Ariyawansa H, Kang JC (2017) Four new species of Tubeufia (Tubeufiaceae, Tubeufiales) from Thailand. Mycol Prog 16:403–417.


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