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Tubeufia sympodiophora

Tubeufia sympodiophora (Matsush.) Y.Z. Lu & K.D. Hyde

Basionym: Helicoma sympodiophorum Matsush. [as ‘sympodiophora’], Matsush. Mycol. Mem. 7: 52 (1993)

Index Fungorum number: IF 554917; Facesoffungi number: FoF 04822


Description: For a complete description of this taxon, see Matsushima (1993).


Notes: This taxon was introduced as Helicoma sympodiophorum by Matsushima (1993). Lu et al. (2000) reported a new record of H. sympodiophorum from Hong Kong. Lu et al. (2018) synonymize H. sympodiophorum under Tubeufia sympodiophora based on its morphological resemblance to T. krabiensis, T. mackenziei (Lu et al. 2017) and T. sympodihylospora, which were confirmed with DNA sequence data. Tubeufia sympodiophora is similar to T. krabiensis and T. mackenziei in conidial characters but can be distinguished by its conidiophores with sympodial conidiogenous cells. Besides, T. sympodiophora differs from T. mackenziei in having longer conidiophores (120–300 vs. 60–102 μm) and wider conidial filaments (6–8 vs. 4.6–6.5 μm) and differs from T. krabiensis in longer conidiophores (120–300 vs. 35–116 μm) and smaller conidial diameter (22–33 vs. 30–45 μm). Tubeufia sympodiophora is similar to T. sympodihylospora in conidiophores with sympodial conidiogenous cells but can be recognized by its conidial morphology. We also compare Tubeufia sympodiophora to Helicoma species but its morphology does not correspond to the generic concept of Helicoma. (Lu et al. 2018)


Freshwater distribution: Hong Kong, China (Ho et al. 2002)



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Lu YZ, Liu JK (Jack), Hyde KD, Jeewon R, Kang JC, Fan C, Boonmee S, Bhat DJ, Luo ZL, Lin CG, Eungwanichayapant PD (2018) A taxonomic reassessment of Tubeufiales based on multi-locus phylogeny and morphology. Fungal Divers 92:131–344.

Matsushima T (1993) Matsushima Mycological Memoirs No. 7. Matsushima Fungus Collection, Kobe, Japan



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