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Neospadicoides aquatica

Neospadicoides aquatica Z.L. Luo, K.D. Hyde & H.Y. Su


Index Fungorum number: IF 555654, Facesoffungi number: FoF 05426
Etymology: Referring to the aquatic habitat of this fungus.
Holotype: MFLU 18–1605

Saprobic on decaying wood submerged in freshwater habitats. Sexual morph: Undetermined. Asexual morph: Colonies effuse, brown to dark brown. Mycelium partly superficial, partly immersed, composed of septate, branched, smooth, pale brown hyphae. Conidiophores (80–)126–194(–218) µm long, 5–7 µm wide (x̄ = 160
´ 6 µm, n = 20), macronematous, mononematous, solitary or in groups, erect, unbranched, septate, straight or flexuous, cylindrical, brown, paler towards the apex, smooth, percurrently proliferating. Conidiogenous cells holoblastic, integrated, terminal, subhyaline, percurrently proliferating. Conidia 18–22 µm long, 7–9 µm wide ( = 20 ´ 8 µm, n = 20), acrogenous or acropleurogenous, subhyaline to pale brown when young, brown to dark brown when matured, fusiform to cylindrical, rounded at the apex, truncate at the base, 2-septate, with thick and dark band at septa, smooth-walled.


Material examined: CHINA, Yunnan Province, Gaoligong Mountain, saprobic on decaying wood submerged in a freshwater stream, July 2015, X.J. Su, S-701 (MFLU 18–1605, holotype), ex-type living culture MFLUCC 17–2217.

Notes: Neospadicoides aquatica resembles Spadicoides americana in having macronematous, mononematous, erect, unbranched, septate, solitary or in groups conidiophores paler towards the apex, integrated, terminal conidiogenous cells and 2-septate, smooth conidia (Wongsawas et al. 2008). However, Neospadicoides aquatica differs from Spadicoides americana in having larger conidia (18–22
´ 7–9 vs. 10–14.5 ´ 4–6.5 µm) which are rounded at the apex, truncate at the base.



Luo ZL, Hyde KD, Liu JK, Maharachchikumbura SSN et al. 2019 – Freshwater Sordariomycetes. Fungal Diversity 99, 451–660.

Wongsawas M, Wang HK, Hyde KD, Lin FC (2008) New and rare lignicolous hyphomycetes from Zhejiang Province, China. J Zhejiang Univ Sci B 9:797–801


Fig. 1. Neospadicoides aquatica (MFLU 18–1605, holotype) a–c Conidiophores with conidia. d, e Conidiogenous cells with percurrent proliferations. f–k Conidium. Scale bars: a–c = 40 µm, d, e = 25 µm, f–k = 10 µm.


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