Xenospadicoidales » Xenospadicoidaceae » Spadicoides

Spadicoides obovata

Spadicoides obovata (Cooke & Ellis) S. Hughes

Acrothecium obovatum Cooke & Ellis, Grevillea 5 (34): 50 (1876)

Spondylocladium obovatum (Cooke & Ellis) S. Hughes, Can. J. Bot. 31 (5): 634 (1953)


Distribution: CHINA, Hong Kong, on submerged wood (Zhuang 2001)


Sexual morph: Undetermined


Notes: Sequence data is unavailable



Luo ZL, Hyde KD, Liu JK, Maharachchikumbura SSN et al. 2019 – Freshwater Sordariomycetes. Fungal Diversity 99, 451–660.

Zhuang WY (2001) Higher fungi of tropical China. Mycotaxon Ltd, Ithaca


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