Xenospadicoidales » Xenospadicoidaceae » Torrentispora

Torrentispora crassiparietis

Torrentispora crassiparietis Fryar & K.D. Hyde


Distribution: BRAZIL, on submerged bark (Barbosa et al. 2013); BRUNEI, on submerged wood (Fryar and Hyde 2004; Fryar et al. 2004); COSTA RICA, on submerged wood (Barbosa et al. 2013).

Asexual morph: Undetermined


Notes: Holotype IFRD 8863, other specimens collected from freshwater habitats: HUEFS 158094, ILL 40817, ILL 40818, ILL 40819, ILL 40820. Sequence data is unavailable.



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