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Torrentispora pilosa

Torrentispora pilosa Shearer & F.R. Barbosa

MycoBank MB564458

Etymology: pilosa, from Latin, referring to the hairy ascomata.

Sexual morph: Ascomata 247–450 × 320–400 μm, partially immersed in wood, black, coriaceous, scattered, venter hairy, globose or subglobose, ostiolate, with a long neck, black. Neck 440–770 × 55–180 μm, hairy, cylindrical, black; hairs short, up to 4 μm wide, septate, unbranched, dark brown. Ascomatal hairs long, 3–4 μm wide, filamentous, septate, unbranched, brown. Peridium a textura prismatica in surface view, cells sometimes forming circular clusters of thick-walled, brown cells. Paraphyses 3–5 μm thick at base, tapering toward the apex, filamentous, unbranched, septate, hyaline. Asci 164–204 × 7–8 μm, attached to hymenium at maturity or not, eight-spored, unitunicate, thin-walled, cylindrical, rounded at apex, tapering at the base, with a refractive apical ring 3–4 μm high, 4–5 μm diam, staining blue in aqueous nigrosin. Ascospores 21–30 × 7–8 μm, uniseriate, smooth-walled, unicellular when young, becoming two-septate at maturity, thickwalled, wall 1 μm at side and 1–2 μm at the apices, ellipsoid-fusiform, hyaline, staining blue in aqueous nigrosin. Ascospore sheath not observed. Asexual morph: Undetermined. (Barbosa et al. 2013)


Distribution: COSTA RICA, on submerged wood (Barbosa et al. 2013).


Notes: Holotype ILL 40814. Sequence data is not available. This species is known only from Costa Rica, on submerged wood (Barbosa et al. 2013).



Barbosa FR, Gusmão LFP, Raja HA, Shearer CA (2013) New species and new records of freshwater ascomycetes from Brazil and Costa Rica. Mycologia 105:335–343.

Luo ZL, Hyde KD, Liu JK, Maharachchikumbura SSN et al. 2019 – Freshwater Sordariomycetes. Fungal Diversity 99, 451–660.


Figs. 1–11. Torrentispora pilosa (ILL 40814, holotype) 1. Crushed ascoma. 2. Setose ascomatal neck. 3. Surface view of peridium. 4. Ascus and ascospores. 5. Centrum. 6. Paraphysis. 7. Apical ring (arrow). 8–11. Ascospores. Scale bars: 1 = 150 μm, 2, 5 = 40 μm, 3 = 30 μm, 4, 6–11 = 10 μm.


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